Entry #1

Introducing! The Oltanian 3-Tailed Afghan Fox, Tanor.

2012-11-25 08:21:10 by TanorFaux

'Allo people, the name's Tanor Z. Faux, I'm an anthropomorphic Oltanian 3-Tailed Afghan Fox, of Planet Oltanis, which is in the Solana Galaxy. Which is 3 Million Light-Years from Earth, but no worries, it takes me two weeks at the medium term. Ehem, I'm pretty much a heroic fox with a pure good heart, I am the leader of a powerful team of heroes and villains from around the universe, or small portion of it anyway. :P 10 Members:

http://pastebin.com/PX7bahfS <-- read here for full information of the Oltanis Team, the characters of Otlanis Z, as well.

In real life, I'm trying to be an author in the future. I'm the creator of a series in the works known as Oltanis Z, (Oltanis Zeta), and the second series to follow, planned some of its content already, Oltanis &#931;. I've worked on more episodes of Oltanis Z. Some of it I NEED to recover because I lost some of them when I had a burned hard drive a couple months ago. My chronic procrastination tries to get the better of me, but recently been able to suppress it.

I'm generally a caring person, very friendly, about as good hearted as Tanor. ^^ He and I are very close. He's my main fursona as I'm a proud member of the Furry Fandom, I am also Bi-Sexual. I'm a Unitarian. Center-Left Libertarian. I'm of Arabic, German and Cherokee Indian descent, specifically Syrian, Lebanese, German, Pennsylvanian Dutch and Cherokee Indian. I love 2D/3D platforming/adventure games, especially those in space like Ratchet & Clank, my favorite series all-time. I'm a fan of Retro-gaming. I love space, deeply. Everything from Planets, comets, black holes to stars, nebulae, dark matter and galaxies.

I like to read books here and there, Manga or English Novels. I watch movies, anime and good cartoons. I'm generally approachable and never spiteful. So, like my Tanor, I'd never harm unless I'm harmed or close friends are harmed. :) He's one of my guardians.

I'm a historic member of Newgrounds by the way, I used to come here since many years ago. When it still looked like this: http://web.archive.org/web/20041229085557/http:/
and I wish it still did. It'd serve my nostalgic heart better. Hehehe. But, I digress. I bored you enough already.

Nice to meet you and whatnot!


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